The Safe Society Foundation builds on the diversity of individuals, families, communities and nations who live freely in accordance with their culture and traditions. It provides protection against ideologies and globalist organisations seeking to eliminate physical, biological and moral boundaries.

Do you want us to pass on the created world as our ancestors left us?
Do you believe that nature can be protected if we obey its laws?
Do you believe that every society is based on marriage between man and woman and their family on the birth of children?
Do you believe that family has a sustaining power?
Do you want nations to be able to decide for themselves how they want to live?
Are you proud of your national identity?
Do you want to practice your faith freely?
Do you believe in eternal values?
Do you also think that life begins with conception?
Do you also think that parents have the right to raise their children according to their moral convictions?
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The Foundation connects and establishes a global network among institutions and other legal entities of similar spirit. It does so mainly through mutual cooperation in the case of other foundations and by providing technological and financial help to other organisations. In order to achieve all these, the Foundation carries out charitable activities and it is active internationally.


The foundation protects


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Safe Society Foundation (SSF) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, founded in 2021. As a Hungary-based company, SSF actively contributes to the preservation and dissemination of a tradition-based, protected, safe, free, and peaceful social model worldwide.


We, founders of Safe Society Foundation, believe that all creation can only be preserved by following and passing on the tradition of our predecessors. Our creed is that the order established by the Creator’s law, the eternal values, the universal human culture must be protected, preserved and enriched in all circumstances. Community, family, and nation are the bonds that form the basis of life, both on an individual and social level.

We reject forces that aggressively attack the traditional values and seek to fundamentally shatter the order. We believe, that, armed with the power of faith and love, the purity of the spirit and the spiritual knowledge rooted in tradition, we can triumph over materialistic forces seeking to openly and violently expand their dominion based on economic, awareness-stimulating and political power.

Who are we?


László Földi

security policy expert

Members of the Board of Trustees:

Anett Szabó​

journalist, editor-presenter ​

Andrea Földi-Kovács​

journalist, TV presenter​

Zsolt Kovács​

TV editor​

Founders :

Zoltán Moys

writer, director, producer

Árpád Szakács

journalist, book publisher (stepped out)